Replica Yeezy Boost 380

Replica Yeezy Boost 380 Do you know what a coconut is? Of course I'm not talking about the fruit we eat, I'm talking about the shoes. This "coconut" shoe comes from a footwear product under the world-renowned German sports brand adidas. Its full name is adidas YEEZY BOOST, and "coconut" is derived from the transliteration of Best Yeezy Boost 380. This super-hot collection of sneakers is all credited to its designer, Kanye West.

At the beginning of July 2014, the two sides negotiated the breaking news: adidas will deepen the cooperation with Kanye West to create an independent sports brand adidas + KANYE WEST, which will be a men's and women's footwear, clothing and Accessories series, the group will also set up an exclusive staff team for the brand in the US headquarters and open a physical retail store, the entire model is similar to the Air Jordan and Lebron James brands of the world's largest sporting goods manufacturer Best Yeezy Group. Adidas calls this the most powerful collaboration between a sports brand and a non-athlete that will "make history" and "redefine the future." Both parties declined to give specifics on the deal, with reports that the previous partnership was worth more than $10 million.

In addition to relying on excellent workmanship and adidas' core technology BOOST, Kanye's release and marketing methods are indispensable. After the news of the contract with adidas was confirmed, the mystery of Best Yeezy Boost 380 new series has been tightly covered, which is particularly mysterious and charming under the background of a large number of rumors. The myth that Kanye previously created with Nike together with his ambition to "go beyond Air Jordan", as well as his series of high-profile bombardment of the former owner, have raised the expectations and attention of Yeezy to the highest point. It can be said that when YEEZY was not yet available, Kanye "turned it red" with his status as a top trendy person, and coupled with his excellent quality, YEEZY became a "god shoe" is a sure thing.

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