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The full name of "DUNK SB" is Share Fashion Replica Dunk LOW(HI) PRO SB. Before "DUNK" was just a pair of ordinary basketball shoes, now "DUNK" has been injected with more fashion elements by Nike, and the Best Dunk SB" with zoom air and thick tongue has gradually become the backbone of Nike skateboarding shoes. The original intention of Share Fashion Best NIKE DUNK is actually a pair of basketball shoes with good grounding. 

In terms of technical content, people often think that the Best Dunk without air cushion is the most primitive. But in the right order, the Air Force 1 (the first pair of air-cushioned shoes), which NIKE launched in 1983 to beat old rival Converse, took the market by storm and the stock price climbed. But in 1985, Adidas made a comeback, and the sports market changed dramatically. Best Dunk the worst financial crisis in its history. Shares more than halved in the same year. He spent huge sums of money to sign super rookie Michael Best Jordan and designed his first pair of signature shoes, the Best Air Jordan One, based on the Best Air Force One. Soon all the top college teams were scrambling to buy their own shoes, which is why Best Dunk came into existence.

The Best Dunk was released in 8 completely different colors representing 8 top NCAA teams including the University of North Carolina, the University of Arizona and the University of Arkansas. In fact, in terms of design, the Best Dunk is based on the Best Air Jordan 1 generation, so it has excellent grip performance and field feel, ensuring that those good players can move easily on the field, so the performance is also impeccable.

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