Replica Air Jordan 5

Share Fashion Replica Air Jordan 5 is the fifth authentic basketball shoe in the Nike Jordan series. It was born in 1989. It is very popular with the flame pattern on the shoe and the shape of a fighter jet. Pay attention to Share Fashion and continue to provide you with it.

With enhanced lace-lock fit, a reflective tongue, and a clear rubber outsole for added traction, Michael Jordan and Hatfield once again surpassed previous basketball shoe designs with these innovations. Michael tried on the shoe against Cleveland and scored 69 points, earning his fourth scoring title with an average of 33.6 points per game. The design of this sneaker is inspired by the "Mustang" fighter jets during World War II, and the shark tooth pattern of the fighter jets can be seen on the side of the midsole.

The Fake Jordan 5 is remembered first as a milestone in the history of basketball shoe design, and second as a pair of Air Jordan basketball shoes. Air Jordan 5 has absorbed a lot of essence in the design of Air Jordan 4. The family characteristics inherited from a series are also reflected in Fake Jordan 5. The first is the use of mesh material on the upper, which is the innovation of Fake Air Jordan 4. Design, the designers of Fake Air Jordan 5 borrowed this successful design very well to make Air Jordan 5 even more special. Of course, Fake Air Jordan 5 also has many unique designs, the most important of which is still in the midsole technology that was touted at the time.

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