Replica Air Jordan 3

Replica Air Jordan 3 is the real first generation of flying air cushion shoes. Nike has used a visible air cushion for the first time, which is located on the back of this shoe. This is also the first time that the Share Fashion Air Jordan series has adopted the trapeze logo. Since then, this logo has been officially used on various products of the Jordan brand. Air Jordan, was officially launched in 1987. A fresh take on the iconic look of the legendary shoe. Replica Air Jordan 3 men's sneaker builds on the original colorway and incorporates one of the brand's signature colorways.

When the Air Jordan was developed, there was a big event inside Nike. At that time, Pete Moore, the chief designer of the Best Air Jordan series, and Strasser, who represented nike and signed the contract, suddenly announced their resignation. They were going to set up a new company and establish a company called "Van Gleak" to create a company that only belongs to Replica Air Jordan 3 brand. And they have designed a Best Jordan shoe, ready to re-create a new series for Jordan. For Nike, this is indeed a difficult opponent, because their relationship with Best Jordan is too close. Strasser is a person Jordan respects very much, and Pitt's design talent is also admired by Best Jordan Shoes. Jordan's agent, David Falk, has received a planning report from Van Gleek. The Van Vleck Company hopes to become Jordan's full-time representative, not only in terms of shoes but also in the development and sales of Best Jordan's other products. 

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