Replica Air Jordan 11

Launched in 1995 Replica Air Jordan 11 is not only the flagship of the Air Jordan series, but also has a profound impact on the entire Nike basketball shoes and the entire basketball shoe industry. Fake Jordan 11 made a breakthrough in using patent leather as the upper material, making it a special symbol of high-end basketball shoes since then. At the same time, the full-length built-in air cushion technology is used for the first time, and the full-length carbon fiber support plate is used in the midsole so that the entire pair of Share Fashion shoes has reached the level of shock absorption.The development of Fake AJ11 for the Air Jordan series, and even the entire basketball shoes, is not just a classic. We can think that Fake Air Jordan is a watershed between old basketball shoes and modern basketball shoes, and it is the most important milestone in the history of basketball shoes.

This is the first pair in the history of basketball shoes with a patent leather design, which makes the shoes not easy to be stretched, light and gorgeous, and looks more like a bright sports car shell. The nylon material of the upper completely reduces the overall load. In the history of the Fake Jordan 11 series, another lightweight milestone was born. Tinker and the design team used high-speed photography technology to capture Jordan's movements on the court, screened and analyzed the changes of the shoe frame by frame, and finally found the problem and decided to add a full-length fiber carbon plate to the sole .

This technology, which was originally applied to football shoes, has the effect of preventing the distortion of the shoes and quickly correcting the soles. After the shoes are deformed by force, they can recover quickly and provide defenders with a faster starting speed. In order to highlight these Highlights, they also decided to use the crystal sole design for the sole again. The carbon fiber support plate has also become the symbol of the Fake Jordan 11 top basketball shoes in the future.

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