Replica Air Jordan 1 Low

Replica Air Jordan 1 Low low is inspired by the first air-cushioned basketball shoe AF1, which was born in 1982. The designer put the best Air-Sole, the core technology of Nike at that time, into the thinner midsole and back palm, and strives to achieve the perfect cushioning and sticking to the ground. balance. Best Jordan 1 was selected third overall by the Chicago Bulls in 1984. Subsequently, Nike signed the fledgling rookie to a huge five-year, $2.5 million contract. In the 1984-85 season, best Jordan rose to prominence in the league and international competition made a brilliant appearance in the first-ever All-Star Weekend Slam Dunk Contest, and won the title of "Rookie of the Year".

The first pair of shoes Jordan wore on the NBA court was not the best AJ1, but a pair of high-top basketball shoes called Air Ship. The following year, in 1985, Best Jordans 1 officially debuted. Because it was too avant-garde, even Jordan himself could not accept it at first. In those days when the sneakers were only black or white, the black and red color of the best Jordan 1 low was really too fancy, and the NBA also banned Jordan from wearing these shoes on the court. But it is precisely because of this ban that it has become Nike's best advertising.

"Flying Man," the nickname people gave Jordan. Not only because of his amazing jumps and often incredible moves on the court but also because of the best Jordan 1 low top on his feet. "Air Jordan", is the name of Nike's signature shoes for best Jordan. It not only reflects the technology and craftsmanship of the shoes but also reflects the style of best Jordan's playing. And the ad for Best Jordan 1 during Thanksgiving in 1984 left a deep impression on many people. The camera first looked down at Chicago from the air, followed by the whistling sound of the engine. Jordan ran into the camera in slow motion, caught a basketball in his hand, dribbled the ball to the basket, spread his legs, held the basketball high with one hand, and stretched the other straight to the camera. Down front, dunk the ball in. At this time, the voice-over sounded: Who said he was not flying!

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