Replica Air Jordan 1 High

The Replica Air Jordan 1 High, born in the 1980s, is not only the pioneering work of the Air Jordan High Tops series but also the prelude to the glorious history of Jordan and Nike. After 31 years of precipitation, the Air Jordan High Tops with several color matching has been released successively, not only loyal to the classics of the first year, but also ingenious innovation. Michael Jordan conquered the NBA and almost all fans with his own strength, and his actual combat shoes The Jordan Brand series has always been the hottest sneaker item. First released in 1985, the Best Jordan 1 High is undoubtedly the most classic shoe in sneaker history. The source of the name Replica Air Jordan is David Falk, a super agent in the sports circle. At that time, only tennis players had personal signature series, so David Falk's original intention was to make MJ more like tennis players.

Air Jordan's most classic flying wing logo comes from Peter Moore, Nike's design director at the time, who created this classic pattern on a whim on a flight from Portland to Chicago. Peter Moore is also the designer of the first and second generation air jordan shoes. Replica Air Jordan 1 High series color matching constantly. But out of the countless Joe 1 colorways, there isn't one, yes! No one can compare to this pair of "forbidden" black and red, which is the supreme Replica Air Jordan 1 in the hearts of countless shoe fans. Today, Replica Jordan Brand brings you another very exciting news: the "Bred" color matching Replica Air Jordan 1 is expected to return on this year's "Black Friday"! The black and red banned Replica Air Jordan 1 is undoubtedly a must-have for many Air Jordan High Tops enthusiasts in the shoe cabinet, and it has been three years since the last re-engraving to today, so this year's re-engraving has become extraordinarily impressive.

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